About Us

The Brand

We set out to create a brand with soul – something inspired by the classic masculine American spirit, drawing inspiration from the stories and icons of generations past. Ben Douglas Clothing Co. turned out to be more than a brand; it's a living tribute to the well-dressed gentlemen who came before us. Clothing for today's American man with a nod to the details and styles of the past.

The Story

Star-Ledger Sports Section

Saturday, February 16, 1952

From Pillar to Post

In the long ago, around 1910, a referee-announcer known as Billy Joe was handed a slip with the names of boxers in the next event at the once famed Fairmont Club in New York. One of them read John Bendokas. Without hesitation, Joe, and oldtime brawler himself, stepped to midring and shouted: "In this corner—Ben Douglas."

Continuing to the corner he informed the surprised boxer: "Who the hell ever heard of a fighter called Bendokas? From now on in this club it's Ben Douglas."

And Ben Douglas it remained as Bendokas carried his ring career to all the prominent arenas of his time in New York, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere."

About Thomas

Thomas Nascone, the great-grandson of John "Ben Douglas" Bendokas, took an interest in clothing from an early age. After teaching himself to sew, he began making his own ties and pocket squares, eventually selling them to friends, family, teachers, and online. Interested in growing his knowledge and furthering his passion for clothing, Thomas spent his college years working part-time at America's oldest clothier, Brooks Brothers, and later with luxury designer Michael Bastian. Thomas soon developed the vision for his own brand and decided to start Ben Douglas Clothing Co., taking its name from the happenstance moment his great-grandfather stepped into the ring.

The Store

The Ben Douglas Custom Shop is located inside of long-established John Hyatt Clothing in downtown Summit, NJ. This shared space offers a wide arrangement of men's clothing, with custom exclusively offered by Ben Douglas, and brands such as Peter Millar, Johnnie-O, and Barbour offered by John Hyatt.