About Us

We set out to create a brand with soul  a brand with grit. Something uniquely American, inspired by our heritage and the stories of generations past. Ben Douglas Clothing Co. turned out to be more than a brand; it's a living tribute to the well-dressed American gentlemen who came before us. 

"Who the hell ever heard of a fighter called Bendokas?
From now on in this club it's Ben Douglas."

Boxing plays in important role in our inspiration; often referred to as the "sweet science of bruising" for its spontaneous contrast of brutal violence and intricate strategy - we believe clothing should hold that same contrast:  elegant materials, rugged construction. Clothing that looks great but can take a beating. 

Tom Nascone, the great-grandson of John "Ben Douglas" Bendokas, took an interest in clothing from an early age. After teaching himself to sew, he began making his own ties and pocket squares to have some fun with his high school dress code. Interested in growing his knowledge and passion for clothing, Tom spent his his college years working part-time at America's oldest clothier, Brooks Brothers. He soon developed the vision for his own brand and decided to start Ben Douglas Clothing Co.